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Our network strike team can design, order equipment and install a network that has fewer problems than any company in our area. If someone has installed a network for you and it is not working properly call our team.  We can make a quick one hour assessment to find your problem.  Our recommendations work.  Most computer companies want to make the network sale but do not have the skill or desire to service the account.  That's our specialty.

If you need a team of experts that understand how a computer system enhances your business then you are calling the right company.  Our technical consultants can make recommendations that will make a difference. Our customers enjoy secure remote access to their corporate networks regardless of their size. Our team works closely with some of the experts in the market.

We offers server and storage consolidation, hardware and software provisioning, installation and optimization, high-availability planning and implementation, platform migration, data protection, business continuity planning, disaster preparedness and recovery, and data backup and recovery among many other client offerings.

We also provide network diagnostics and services for our corporate clients. We can provide training for users and administrators of networks and/or office applications as well as provide consulting for clients upgrading and expanding on their existing systems.