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To serve the clients better, PROGRESSVEST SDN BHD has build-up its knowledge and experiences where providing a complete range of security products. The range of products include from various type of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

PROGRESSVEST SDN BHD innovative and progressive in whatever situation. Investing heavily and believe customer satisfaction are our most valuable asset, both our marketing and technical support teams are highly regarded and respected in the surveillance industry, installation, providing responsive, maintenance and efficient services at all times.

With a view to identifying cost savings in the current CCTV service, a consultant was appointed to undertake a service evaluation, identify options and advise on the relevant technical and legal considerations. The consultant was asked to consider changes to the in-house service, the potential for outsourcing and also transferring the monitoring to another CCTV control room.

A further consideration is the complex 24-hour staffing structure where CCTV operators are shared between Harbours and Community Protection having dual roles and responsibilities.

PROGRESSVEST SDN BHD also have the strong support from CTIS, Rifatron CCTV , Belco and Panasonic a well known manufacturer of CCTV System Equipments based in Japan.

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