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Progressvest Sdn Bhd, unlike other companies, does not work with out-dated alarm systems you’ve seen before. Instead, we use the latest technology in the market, to provide a variety of packages that will fit your budget. That makes your alarm more flexible and customizable. A full home security solution at your doorstep.

Your home, office and shop is the most important sanctuary in the world; obviously, you would like to keep your family safe in every way possible. How? With Progressvest Sdn Bhd, we package your home security system in absolutely every way.

Some of our alarm systems:

• SUPA Alarm System
• Paradox Alarm System
• Victoria Wireless Alarm System

Progressvest Sdn Bhd alarm monitoring system works around the clock to detect any irregularities, whether it is in terms of motion activity, system arming or disarming, when doors are open/closed, power failures and more! It is a full alarm security system that does much more than just an ordinary alarm.

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